Low Web design Prices

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Setting up a website for your company, business or personal does not cost as much as you may expect. Our low web design prices are competitive & offer great value for money.

All of our prices include domain name registration and web hosting for one year. As a guide for you we have outlined some approximate prices below.

Basic Website
A custom design with no additional programming requirements. Cost largely depends upon how many pages you requires, but typically a five page website will cost approx $199

Website with Content Management Solutions
You may require a website that you can update yourself (Content Management Solutions), or perhaps include a forum or guestbook for example - this is what we term as 'additional functionality'. Cost depends upon the number of pages and the functionality you require approx $400 - $800

E-Commerce Website
Ecommerce websites, or online shops, cost slightly more due to the complexity of the programming. As they require a database to store the products and the facility to process payments online through services like Worldpay or Paypal etc. E-Commerce site cost approx $999

Logo Design
We currently charge $150 for a company logo design.

For an idea of how how much your project may cost please contact us, under no obligation.

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